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Replacement Rink (no rods or ice sheet)


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***UPDATE*** – We ALWAYS have these available. We only listed them as sold out because the price to ship varies greatly from place to place across the country and it’s difficult to program on our site for this variance in cost. It’s just easier to ask people to contact us by email at to get shipping estimate and to discuss what is currently available.  Please note, you are buying just the rink. The rods are ice sheet have been removed and none of the accessories which normally come with game (teams, plexi, legs, etc) are included. Stickers and puck ejectors are on the rinks as normal. Most rinks are brand new. The game box is not included. We offer these rinks to people whose rink has been broken or cracked. It allows them to transfer over the rods and ice to a new rink and not have to trash their game! Instructional videos available on our video page. Also great for people who wish to custom paint rinks. Our supply varies so please contact us first by email before purchasing so we can tell you what we currently have in stock. In addition to the cost of the rink, expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $35 dollars for shipping within lower 48 states depending on your proximity to the Philadelphia area. We mostly charge only what fedex charges us. Fedex rates have increased significantly since they instituted dimensional weight pricing.

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