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Photo of the Stiga High Speed Table Top Rod Hockey Game 71-1144-20

Very Limited Special Edition – High Speed Game with USA-Canada


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Photo of the Stiga High Speed Table Top Rod Hockey Game 71-1144-20Photo of Stiga High Speed Table Top Rod Hockey Game 71-1144-20

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Stiga High Speed Table Hockey Game w/USA-CANADA

Stiga “High Speed” hockey is an international game featuring a faster ice-sheet technology. The game comes with Team USA and Team Canada players and features European sponsors (mostly Swedish) on the ice surface and along the dasher boards. With its sleek black rink and improved ice surface, this game plays FAST, bringing you action at its highest level. Stiga High Speed Hockey is the latest release of the classic table hockey game from Stiga. Please note that this is an international game and there is nothing NHL related on this game. NHL teams can be interchanged with this game and vice versa. Not sure which game to buy? Read below for a comparison between games!



Stiga has been making elite table hockey games game since 1957 and is the number one name in Table hockey. Featuring real NHL & International Team uniforms and logos and 3-D interchangeable players, it is the only game licensed by the NHL and is the official game of the World Table Hockey Championships. With easy-to-move control rods, goalies that move side to side and players that can go behind the net, Stiga has brought Table Hockey into the 21st century and the action is non-stop! All parts are replaceable so your game will last a lifetime!

Stiga Table Hockey Games are the best table hockey games ever made. This high quality durable toy hockey game has been manufactured in Sweden since 1957. Over the years they have refined it and added features to make it the best selling and most beloved Table Hockey Game in the world. All parts are replaceable and this is the number one reason to buy Stiga brand. No other table hockey manufacturers except Stiga offer replacement parts. Also, check out the Stanley Cup NHL games and our Playoff model. Stiga Stanley Cup Hockey Games are just like the toy table hockey games you had fun playing as a kid, but better! Experience that fun all over again with your kids and friends!

Make sure to check out our extra NHL Teams, International Teams and Pucks.

  • The game box measures 38″ x 20″ x 3.5″
  • Overall game dimensions: 37″ x 19.75″
  • Rink: 35.5″ x 19.75″
  • Ice Surface: 33.25″ x 18″
  • Goal Opening: 4″ x 2″
  • Plexiglas: 24.5″ x 3″
  • Puck: 1″ diameter
  • The legs raise the table 1.65″ off the table surface.

Table Hockey Game Contents

* Rink base with pre-installed FAST ice sheet * 2 hockey team packs * USA vs Canada * 2 Plexiglas Sheets * 2 Goal Sets * 2 Goal Counters * 2 Hockey Pucks * Extra Rod Grips * Stiga Table Hockey Game Manual * 4 Leg Supports * Rods are already installed and game takes 5 minutes to set up

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Thank you for supporting a small family business. We have been selling Stiga Table Hockey for over 15 years and we know our product inside and out. Your game purchase comes with lifetime support, so if you have any questions or support issues, someone is here to help you! We have been the number one retailer of table hockey games in the United States for years. Our customers are like family and nobody beats our customer service. And unlike the big online retailers, we care enough to ship your game in a custom made shipping box for extra protection!

Comparing the Stiga Hockey Game Models

All Stiga hockey games are basically the exact same rink with mostly the same parts and all players fit all games. The differences are in the decorations, teams and ice surface (high speed game).

Stanley Cup Game  – white rink, standard ice, NHL logos and decorations, NHL players with very detailed painted faces and uniforms, players are both left and right handed

High Speed Game – black rink with faster ice surface, European sponsors on boards and ice, Sweden & Finland teams w/plain painting style (faces not detailed), all left handed players

Playoff Game – white rink, standard ice, European sponsors on boards and ice, USA & Canada teams with w/plain painting style (faces not detailed), all left handed players, (sweden & finland sets are sometimes available)

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Game contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years

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