Stiga Dallas Stars Table Hockey Team Players 7111-9090-37

Stiga Dallas Stars Table Rod Hockey Team – fits pre 2017 games only

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Stiga Dallas Stars Table Hockey Team Players 7111-9090-37

Dallas Stars Table Rod Hockey Players by Stiga

IMPORTANT – This is a non-returnable product. This white Dallas version is an older style mold of player and may have difficulty fitting on games made after 2017 because the white pins that the players  sit on are a tad larger, particularly the goalie pin. They may be a tight fit. Sometimes you can get the players on by rocking them back and forth as you push down but we decided to make this notice because we do not want to deal with returns on this product. Please buy at your own risk.  If you are handy, then you can certainly shave down some excess off the pin or widen the hole in the players foot if it is too tight.  Any old team packs where the players arms are down along the body could possibly have this fitting issue. Currently, Dallas is the only old team pack we sell. All others teams are new mold players and will not have any fitting issues. Most sellers won’t tell you this.

The 3-dimensional Stiga Table Rod Hockey Players are made of durable injection molded plastic and have metal hockey sticks. Officially licensed by the NHL. Each pack includes 6 hand painted hockey players in your favorite team’s uniform.

  • Includes 6 hockey players, 1 goalie and 5 players
  • 3-dimensional injection molded plastic construction with metal hockey sticks
  • Each player is hand painted with great detail in team uniform style
  • 3 left handed and 2 right handed players + goalie
  • Decorated in the team colors

These players will fit any Stiga Table Hockey Game.

Please note that Stiga players only fit Stiga games. They will not fit any other manufacturer’s hockey games.


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