Table Hockey Game – Tips & Hints

Here are some various tips & hints on how to get the most out of your Stiga Table Hockey Game

Lubricating the Game Mechanism

springWhen you first open the game, it is normal for some rods to feel stiff, especially the Left Wing. Using a spray lubricant such as silicon spray or Liquid Wrench, spray lightly into the white circular areas of the player gear. Turn the rod to distribute the spray evenly. Also treat the spring assembly area of the Left Wing. This will vastly improve the fluidity of the rods and transform even the most sluggish player into a veritable bolt of lightning.


You can also lubricate the track by spraying a Q-Tip and then running it up and down the inside of the track. These sprays can be messy and have an odor so use as little as possible. Just a quick short spray will do. Protect your surfaces with newspaper or spray outdoors. Repeating this treatment at regular intervals will help maintain your game.

Preparing the Ice Surface

The faster the game, the more fun it is. There are several ways to prepare the ice surface and speed up the game.

Potato Flour – Spread a thin layer of potato flour over the ice surface, sweeping it around with a soft brush. Then vacuum up the remains. Potato flour is as slippery as ice so make sure you also vacuum it up from the floor if any spills. Potato flour is available at most health-food stores. Wax – An evenly applied coat of wax on the ice surface will make the game play faster. Don’t forget to buff well. You can choose floor wax, furniture wax or car wax but make sure it doesn’t contain any abrasives which may scratch the ice surface. I use Butcher’s Wax and it works great. Lubricating Sprays – Many players have used spray lubricants such as Endust or furniture polish. You can also use silicone spray lubricant or Amourall. Using these sprays can get a bit messy, so you will want to wipe up the excess carefully and perhaps spray over newspaper or outdoors. It’s a good idea to remove the goals and players off the ice before applying. And don’t forget to treat the puck also!

Eliminating the “In & Out” Goal

It can be frustrating when you score a goal and then the puck does an about face! A clever way to prevent the puck from popping out of the goal is to hang small metal chains from the crossbar. Now you get a cool jingling sound when you score and the puck stays put in the goal.

Keeping the Game Still

During a furious battle, you and your opponent have put a little extra muscle into the game and now it is moving all over the table. A simple way to keep the game still on the table is to purchase plastic suction cups and attach to the table legs. Rubber mats can also prevent game movement.

Proper Positioning

Playing your Stiga game on the rug with your kids can be fun and intimate! But it can also be uncomfortable. Playing the game on a table at chest height is the ideal positioning for playing table hockey. It will save strain on your back and will also give you a better overview of the game. You should position your chair back far enough that the rods just touch your stomach when they are fully extended out. Sitting too close will hamper your ability to properly maneuver the rods. Proper positioning will allow you to play the game to your fullest and can be the difference between winning and losing.

For video instructions on how to change control rods and ice sheets, click here
Reducing Wear on your Table Hockey Game

Even though Stiga Table Hockey Games are solidly built, some like to play the game a little harder than others. Here is a fun project which can add durability to your game.

An easy and cheap way to protect the hole area from the wear of the rods is to glue small washers around the holes. I would recommend a #8 washer.

washer1You will need to pull off the rubber knob at the end of the rod to slip on the washer. Make sure to use glue that can bond metal to plastic. And be careful not to get any glue on the rod itself.

washer2Once applied, the washers can provide added protection. Of course your game will last just fine without the washers. This is simply a fun project for enthusiasts.

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