Stiga Table Top Rod Hockey Game Super Saver Package 7111-1142-SSG

We are seeking NHL players, companies and private citizens to join us in an effort to provide free Christmas toys to underprivileged children, including sick children in hospitals, poor children and children living in homeless shelters and women’s shelters. Every year our company receives numerous charitable requests. Although we would love to honor every request, the reality is that as a small mom and pop shop, we simply don’t have the resources to honor all the requests we receive. So we are asking for benefactors within the community to join our hockey toy drive. Your donation will bring a smile to a child and fulfills the spirit of giving. If you would like to participate, please contact us by email at or call our offices at 215-938-6222 or 215-938-1304.

For NHL Players, our table hockey games are perfect charitable gifts. Bring the game with you to the hospital or event and then play the game with the child. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime for these wonderful kids.

We also welcome companies and private citizens to participate any time of the year. We get a lot of calls from teachers who want to set up leagues in their schools. Many of these requests come from poor inner city areas where these type of after school programs keep kids motivated, safe and out of trouble. Why not consider sponsoring a league and then showing up one day to join in the fun?

One of our favorite charitable efforts is sending our games to military members across the globe. After hearing that they really missed their hockey, we sent a game to a group of American soldiers serving in the Middle East. The guys sent us back some great photos of themselves playing their favorite pastime.

If you are interested in sending a table hockey game to a member of our military, a sick child in the hospital or perhaps a child whose parents can’t afford toys or an inner city school, please contact us. We welcome new partners to join us in this spirit of giving. When people are facing tough challenges and circumstances, the simplest of gestures can help make those difficult times more bearable. Let’s all be good human being and do for others. It is through giving that we receive.

If you are interested in participating, please call us at 215-938-6222 or send an email to

Check out the photos that the soldiers sent us of themselves playing the Stiga Table Hockey Game.



American Soldiers Playing Stiga Table Hockey Games in the Middle East

American Soldiers having fun playing Table Hockey in the Middle East

American Soldiers Enjoying their Stiga Table Hockey

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