Q: Which teams come with the game? A: The Stiga Stanley Cup Hockey Game comes standard with your choice of either Detroit-Toronto or Boston-NY. Sometimes we have other combos available which we will list for sale on our Stiga Hockey Game page.

Q: How many pucks come with the game? A: You get 2 black pucks with your game. We also have marble pucks and plain black pucks available for additional purchase.

Q: How much is shipping and handling? A: Shipping and handling is already included in the price of all products priced 99.00 and higher. Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Internationally will have higher rates. Contact us for shipping rates to those areas. Shipping rates for teams and small part orders will vary. See our “Shipping” page for the rate chart.

Q: How do you ship? A: We ship games by FedEx Ground. You don’t need to sign for the package, they will leave it. Small parts and team orders are usually shipped by the US Postal Service.

Q: How long does it take to get the game? A: Most orders ship within 24 hours. Click this map to see the estimated transit times to your area.

Q: Can you ship the game to my work address or another address? A: Yes, we can ship games to an alternate address. Unfortunately, we can not ship to PO Boxes. APO addresses will have additional charges.

Q: Do you offer Rush Shipping? A: Yes, we offer overnight, 2 day and 3 day guaranteed shipping through FedEx Express. Please place orders for Rush Shipping by telephone.

Q: Do you ship to Canada? A: Yes, we ship to Canada. Click here for details.

Q: Do you ship internationally? A: Yes, we ship outside the USA. Click here for details.

Q: Does the outside shipping box indicate what is inside? A: No, we ship in plain brown boxes which conceal what is inside. Our company name is written in small black print on the address label. A generic label is available upon request.

Q: Do you offer replacement parts for this game? A: We carry all the replacement parts for Stiga Table Hockey games. Stiga is the only table hockey manufacturer who offers replacement parts, which is the number one reason to buy Stiga.

Q: Will your parts fit on my old table hockey game? A: Stiga parts only fit Stiga games. They will not fit any other manufacturers’ games.

Q: Does the game come with a warranty? A: Your Stiga game comes with a full warranty. Any product that is found to be defective from the factory will be repaired or replaced by Stiga, at their discretion.

Q: What is the difference between the Stanley Cup Game, High Speed Hockey and the Swedish Playoff Game? A: All Stiga hockey games are basically the exact same rink with mostly the same parts and all players fit all games. The differences are in the decorations, teams and ice surface (high speed game).

Stanley Cup Game – white rink, standard ice, NHL logos and decorations, NHL players with very detailed painted faces and uniforms, players are both left and right handed

High Speed Game – black rink with faster ice surface, European sponsors on boards and ice, Sweden & Finland teams w/plain painting style (faces not detailed), all left handed players

Playoff Game – white rink, standard ice, European sponsors on boards and ice, USA & Canada teams with w/plain painting style (faces not detailed), all left handed players, (Sweden & Finland sets are sometimes available)

Q: What is the recommend age for this game? A: Older than 3 years. This is not a game for very young children.

Q: How long does it take to set up the game? A: About 10 minutes. The rink is already assembled. You need to install legs, Plexiglas, scoreboards, nets and players.

Q: How big is the game? A: The rink size is approximately 37″ x 20. Can easily fit under a bed for storage. Also, the perfect size for a card table or kitchen table.

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