Stiga Royal Blue Snowracer Sled

Stiga Snowracer Royal Blue

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Stiga Royal Blue Snowracer Sled


Important – Due to supply chain issues, inventory is extremely low. Do not wait, this product will sell out. We want you to feel safe shopping with us. We are a US based official Stiga dealer and we ship from an East Coast location. Your purchase has a USA warranty. This link will take you to the Stiga America website where you can confirm that we are an official dealer in Pennsylvania.

Sellers based outside the USA who ship from Europe can not offer you a USA warranty. Also, beware of scam sellers from China like Alex and Alexa who will offer this sled at an incredible price. You will get ripped off. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. We heard many sad stories of this happening last year.

Brand new product, just in from Sweden! Do not hesitate, supply is very low this season.

Pricing is for lower 48 states only. We do not offer this product currently to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Speed, handling, good looks, functionality and high quality — Snow Racer Royal Blue has it all! With it’s improved steering and stability and featuring Stiga’s new front ski, the Royal Pro is designed to fly faster on the snow and is easier to maneuver. The twin-tip front ski and rear skis allow riders to remain stable and ride backwards down the hill! The durable steel sled includes a high tensile braking system with a two-component steering wheel, so riders can effortlessly navigate the hills. Featuring Stigas new Curve front ski system which is designed to fly faster on the snow and is easier to maneuver. Has robust steel frame in purple color. Twin Tip skis, carving shaped front ski for improved steering and a steering wheel with grip zones. Similar to the Force and Purple Pro but in Blue. Speed, handling, good looks, functionality and high quality – the Royal Blue Pro has it all. Rule the competition with the Stiga Snowracer Curve Royal Blue Pro Snow Sled!

Equipment: Towing rope, Steering Spring, Brake, Steering wheel with grip zones, Curve Ski System (Carving shaped, twin-tip front ski and twin-tip rear skies). Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and Up / Rule the competition with the Stiga Snowracer Curve Royal Blue Pro Snow Sled! Dimensions: 33.5″ L x 17″ W x 8″ H, 16-lbs. Model: 73-2311-06
  • Snowracer Curve Snow Sled Features a Unique Design for Improved Steering and Stability
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and Up  – Stiga Does Not Publish Official Weight Limit, handles a young adult as seen in videos below
  • Durable Steel Tube Construction
  • High Tensile Braking System
  • Automatic Winder, Steering Spring, Brake
  • Steering wheel with grip zones
  • Features a Two-Component Blue Steering Wheel with Steering Spring – Wheel Includes Non-Slip Grips for Added Safety When Steering
Colour & Material: Frame: Steel tubes/black Brake: High-tensile steel/black Seat: HD Polyethene/blue
skis: HD Polyethene/blue Steering wheel: PEMD/ TPE/blue Other facts CE-mark: Yes Stiga Item Number: 73-2111-06
  • Curve Ski System
  • Stiga does not officially publish weight limits but these sleds easily fit a young adult as you can see in the videos below

Zip down the hill in furious speed, controlled by the fantastic Curve Ski System, Royal Blue PRO is designed for speed–and action-lovers

With improved steering capacity, the curved shaped of the front ski flies faster on the snow compared to a straight ski, and it is easier to maneuver.  The “twin tip” shape of the skis allows you to go backwards down the hill.  The calibration between the front and rear skis gives you outstanding control when the speed is increased, making the Snowracer more flexible than ever.  The two-component steering wheel is comprised on non-slip material for that extra safety.