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Saturday and Sunday December 23rd and 24th – Local Pickups of hockey games will be possible in Huntingdon Valley, PA this weekend. Contact us by email (sales@tablehockeyshop.com) or by telephone (215-938-1304 after 12 noon please) to set up a pickup. We will meet people at the Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center which is located on Huntingdon Pike near Rockledge, PA. most likely during mid afternoon hours. Exact meeting location will be determined Saturday. Right now, we are planning on doing pickups between 2-5 PM but that could change depending on demand. (Sorry, we will not be available morning hours as we have are own Christmas shopping and various errands to do, so if you don’t get an answer by telephone, just leave a message or send an email and we will absolutely get back to you.  All pick ups are cash sales only and online pricing will apply (no discounts).

Attention Massachusetts Residents: If you are in the Milton, Massachusetts area and looking for a Stiga hockey game, we may be able to help you. Please email or call us as we have a Stanley Cup Game available for purchase in that vicinity. Buyer also has option to purchase all Original 6 teams with that game. Please email sales@tablehockeyshop.com or call 215-938-1304.


Friday December 21 – There is 1 shipping day until Christmas. If you live in the 1 day delivery area in map below and your shipping address is a residence, it is still possible to receive Christmas delivery for Stiga Hockey Games on Saturday with standard ground shipping. (Small parts orders do not apply to ground map below, only games). If you live in the 2-5 day delivery areas in the map below and you place an order, your game order will arrive after Christmas. Please read all information before purchasing. Orders placed today by 4 PM will ship today (Friday). It is possible our truck may come later and we may be able to get orders placed later than 4 PM out. We process and pack non-stop. We have full stock on all games, there is no stock issue. We got em! There is no backup here. We get them in, we get them out. You are dealing with the best in the business. We have done this for 20 years! Fedex will be closed Christmas Eve so the last day to receive packages is Saturday December 23rd. The map below shows business days with the first day being the day after the item ships. So if you are in the 1 day zone and your order ships Friday, then you will be scheduled for delivery on Saturday, December 23rd and again, your address must be a residence. If your shipping address is a business, you will not receive it until Tuesday. While most orders arrive in the time estimated, we must be clear and state that if you are placing a regular ground order at this time, it is with the understanding that FedEx ground is not a 100% guaranteed service. I just checked our packages and every single one has been delivered or is being delivered on time. Based on our experience of many years of Christmas shipping, most packages do arrive on time. They run at over 98% on time. However, there can always be issues with weather or volume. If you want 100% guaranteed delivery, please upgrade to Rush Shipping. All Rush Shipping must be placed by phone or email. Our website does not process Rush Orders. The easiest way to get Rush shipping is to email us your order and Rush delivery requirements and we can send you a paypal payment request. Our Rush Shipping pickup is at 6 PM and we will process orders up until that time. Please click the Rush Shipping link above for more info. We will make some hours available this weekend for local picks ups in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Email us if you would like to pickup a game.

Snowracers are dropped shipped from upstate NY and may incur an additional 24 hours handling. Electric Football games are also drop shipped from the manufacturer in Illinois and are shipping about 72 hours after being ordered. Scroll down for those transit maps.


HOCKEY GAMES – FedEx Ground Transit Time – Map above shows approx transit times for FedEx Ground for Stiga game products only. Delivery times above are calculated in business days and do not count Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. The first business day after your order ships is considered the first day. For example, if we ship on Monday and you live in the 2 business day zone, your package should arrive Wednesday. If we ship Friday and you live in the 1 business day zone, your package should arrive Monday, the first business day after the weekend. Fedex does not pick up from us on weekends. While FedEx is the best in the biz and they generally are right on schedule, people who place orders with ground shipping do so with the understanding that it is not a 100% guaranteed service. We do not refund or assume any responsibility for weather, acts of nature or Christmas volume delays which may cause Ground delivery failures. No exceptions. FedEx Express is a guaranteed service except in cases of weather or acts of mother nature. If mother nature delays an Express package, there are no refunds issued by FedEx or our company.

SMALL PART/TEAM ORDERS – All orders for just parts or teams are shipped through the USPS by either first class or priority mail. The map above is fedex and does not apply for these packages but delivery times are similar (1-5 days based on your distance from the Philadelphia area) and they seem to be running well. We are not getting many emails from customers regarding late deliveries. Snowracer and Carrom products are drop shipped and as of now, are shipping within 24 hours. Scroll down to bottom maps below for transit times for these products. For detailed shipping info, please see our shipping page

Snowracers FedEx Transit Map- Snowracers are dropped shipped from the manufacturer. Expect order to ship with 24-48 hours. They ship from the Stiga distributor in NY and map below will give you approx travel time by FedEx ground. Hawaii and Alaska ship by USPS and will not apply here.


Football Games Transit Map- Map below gives approx FedEx Ground transit times from that location. Hawaii and Alaska will not apply here.


For Carrom Stick Hockey, please contact us by email for transit times.

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